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9 Tips for Smoother Office Moves

Posted on March 18, 2016 by Todd There have been 0 comments


When it comes to planning to relocate your office and your employees, you can never be too prepared. This will make a difference between a hectic move and a seamless transition. If you are planning to move your office these tips and tricks can help you move on time, within your budget and with less stress.



1. Start planning your move as soon as possible. For large commercial moves, start planning 6 months ahead of time. Some large relocations take a year of planning!
2.Hire an experienced location specialist, mover and box rental company. Make sure they all have proper insurance and resources to accommodate your move.
3. For office relations, move over the weekend. This is least impactful to the daily workflow of all the employees.
4. Plan the move with your employees, keep them informed.
5. Make sure you check with state laws about the amount of time you need to notify your employees about your move.
6. Don’t forget to order new business cards and change your address in you're mail signature!
7. You may need assistance with packing. Hire a professional packer!
8. Make sure you move your IT equipment first so you can get up and running quicker in your new space.
9. Make sure you count all of your employees and rent enough moving boxes for everyone.
10. Make sure you forward all of your mail.

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