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Giving Back

  • Tis the season to give

    Posted on November 6, 2015 by Todd

    Tis the season for giving! At PiggyBoxes we are always looking for ways to give back to the community. This Thanksgiving season we chose The Second Harvest Food Bank in Orange County. Every order that we deliver to in the month of November, we are tying an orange ribbon to 1 box. We are asking our clients to get together canned goods or personal items. All items will go directly to The Second Harvest Food Bank. Second_Harvest_FoodBank_OrangeCounty.ashx
    If you don’t know about this awesome non-profit in Orange County, here is the 411 on Second Harvest.
    Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, you take a powerful stand in the fight against hunger. They serve of 200,000 hungry people every month. Most of the food is donated by local restaurants, grocery stores and food manufacturers. Second Harvest thrives off of the generous of volunteers. Last year alone they had over 18,000 volunteers to help sort, pass out food and planting new food in the Incredible Edible Park.
    It is currently estimated that 11.4% of Orange County residents, or nearly 350,000 people, struggle with hunger in Orange County. Children and seniors make up 50% of those in need of food assistance.
    If you have time this year or food to donate please keep Second Harvest in mind!!

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  • Why is moving so difficult?

    Posted on August 7, 2015 by Todd

    By Jamie Lohr

    We all know moving is one of lifes most stressful events. But what really makes it so hard? It’s important to understand what makes moving so difficult so you can make your move as easy as possible.

    Moving takes a lot of time. From deciding what materials you will need, organizing, choosing a reliable mover. Not to mention to purchase of your new home. The list goes on. Can you imagine doing all of this while your working a full time job or watching your children? One way to really cut down time is hire a reliable mover. Go to Yelp, Angie’s list or ask a friend for a reliable mover. Make sure you get all the fees up front so there are on surprises when they are done unpacking your belongings. Typically, free quotes are provided!

    Another way to save time is use Piggyboxes. Rather than going to Home Depot or Lowes for moving boxes or packing tape, we deliver our boxes directly to your door and then pick them up when you’re done. No need to find a friend or dumpster to relocate the boxes to. And no more packing tape!!
    We also have wardrobe boxes that can make moving your clothes a breeze!

    Children and pets:
    Moving can really cause stress upon your children and pets too. Adapting to a new home is no easy feat. Your children will need to find new friends and adapt to a new environment. If you know you are moving try to prepare your kids in advance and get them as excited for the move as you can. Making it something to look forward to not something that they are going to dread.

    For pets, make sure the backyard is properly fenced in before you let them go. Bring along all of their favorite toys and beds to they have something that isn't new. Often times, pets go into hiding. It will just take a few days for them to adapt. Time heals all wounds!

    Be organized:
    Make your move as organized as possible. If you know you have a lot of things you don’t need, donate them to a local non-profit organization. This will save you the time of having to move and unpack things you will never use. Make sure you label your moving boxes clearly so they can be unloaded in the correct room. Prepare in advance. Don’t wait last minute to hire a moving or start packing. Start doing this weeks in advance. Half of the stress people bring upon themselves is leaving things last minute.

    Moving is never going to be easy but with these little tips hopefully you can reduce the stress of your move!

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  • City of Irvine- January Events

    Posted on January 23, 2013 by Todd


    The City of Irvine is known for many things...Along with being a great place to raise a family you can count on safety, good schools, lots of stucco, expensive Real Estate, and lots of apartments.  We get a majority of our business from the Irvine area so we thought it might make for a good blog post to highlight some cool stuff happening around Irvine in January!  We will highlight a different cities events every so often.

    - January 5-6th: Surf City Winter Showcase. Bill Barber Park/Harvard Park.

    - January 11th: PJ & Disney Movie Night. Wear your pajamas, bring your pillow and blanket, and relax with your friends while watching a classic Disney film. Light refreshments provided. Ages 14+

    - January 12th/19th/26th: Family Art Time- Parents and children experiment with different media including drawing and painting, mixed media, clay, printmaking and more with guidance from an art instructor. Parent must enroll and participate with enrolled child. Ages 5+.

    - January 26th/27th: OC Coastal Classic Softball Tournament. Triple Crown Sports, Inc.
    Two Locations: Bill Barber Community Park/ Mark Daily Field

    You can follow different Irvine city events here!



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  • Concordia University Eagle Golf Classic 10/15/12

    Posted on October 22, 2012 by Todd


    Giving back is fun.  Promoting your business is fun.  Hanging out on the golf course all day giving back and promoting your business is really fun! Last Monday we sponsored the 15th hole at Oak Creek Golf Course in Irvine for the Concordia University Eagle Golf Classic.  Since I graduated from Concordia University (CUI) back in 2009 is was a great opportunity to give back to my Alma Mater while promoting my business to some of the Orange County business community that attends.  We had an idea to put a few of our eco-friendly moving boxes (PiggyBoxes) out in the fairway as a target.  We decided if you hit a box, you win!  We donated a Vizio LCD TV so whoever had the lucky shot was walking home with a new TV!

    Here is where we put the PiggyBoxes: (this is looking from the fairway towards the tee box)


    In order to be eligible to win the TV, you had to donate $5.  Out of about 70 people who tried, we only had 1 successful shot!  Congratulations to CUI Music Professor Jeff Held who had the lucky shot! Jeff walked home with a brand new TV which he was very excited about as he said they still had an old tube TV at home and this would be a nice upgrade!  He was also able to tell his wife, "See hunny, playing golf all day does pay off sometime!"


    All in all it was a great day out on the course, the weather was perfect, and we had tons of fun! Can't wait to do it again next year!

    Here are a few more pictures of our set up:


    - Todd

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