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  • Moving with a toddler

    Posted on October 16, 2015 by Todd

    Whats makes moving even worse than it already is? Moving with toddlers. Moving with toddlers is so much more than getting their stuff from point A to point B. You need to make sure your little one stays safe during the chaos.
    There are no rules for child proofing your move but a little common sense can go a long way! Maybe one of these tips could save you a trip to urgent care.
    First things first-keep track of dangerous items. Kitchen knives, scissors, poisonous chemicals, don't forget about medications cleaning supplies.
    Cleaning supplies is one many forget about. Keep those far out of reach from your little ones. Those are often times poisonous and potentially toxic. You should be using chemical free cleaners anyway!!
    Next-outlets, staircases, toilets and bookshelves. Consider keeping the baby gate around and blocking off areas that may be potentially harmful.
    Regardless, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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  • Tips for a greener move

    Posted on August 28, 2015 by Todd

    So, your moving. You’ve picked out your new place and you’re ready to go! You’ve picked the date the move is going to take place and you’ve hired movers. The last thing on your mind is being eco-conscious. I get it! But let me tell you, there are so many ways you can help out your planet without going out of your way or by spending a lot of extra money or even worse, slowing down what you already have in motion.

    The first green thing you can look into are the boxes your using. Did you know that cardboard fills up over half of our landfills? Try looking into rent re-useable moving boxes like Piggyboxes. Companies like ours exist all over the country! And when you can get the boxes for cheaper than cardboard and get them delivered, well you are on your way to an easier more eco-friendly move already!

    Another great tip: purge! Less stuff to move means less boxes and less for your movers to haul and less weight for them to carry. Often times, movers charge on weight so de-cluttering saves you money.You might even make some cash if you have a garage sell!

    Lastly, look into the moving company you’ve hired. Nowadays, moving companies are going green too! They are using biodiesel fuel which is much nicer to mother nature.


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  • Living life in Orange County!

    Posted on August 19, 2015 by Todd


    It’s no secret that we love living in Orange County. Considering Todd and I both grew up in the Inland Empire, OC’s sweeping views and cool temperatures make for a nice home. I could give you a thousand reasons why I love living in Orange County but I’ll just give you my top 5.

    1. The beaches. Nothing feels better then putting my toes in the sand with the ocean breeze blowing in my face. I mean, people travel here to go on vacation! It also makes it really convenient when Todd wants to go surfing. If you have never been, be sure to check out The Strand in Dana Point, Corona Del Mar and Balboa Island. When I pull my beach chair out on the sand and close my eyes, it feels like I’m on vacation!









    2. Orange County is dog friendly! There are so many restaurants, shopping areas and beaches that welcome your beloved pooch. We recently we to What A Dish in Dana Point and they brought Frankie his own bowl of fresh water and dog treats while we were eating. For us dog lovers, it doesn't get better than that! If your in OC and wanting a place to take your dog, check out the app called Bring Fido. It gives you all of the places where dogs are welcomed.

    3. Great shopping! Every store you could imagine is somewhere in Orange County. You have one of the biggest shopping meccas in Santa Ana called South Coast Plaza. There is Fashion Island in Newport Beach which is my personal favorite. Not only does every store allow your dog but you can see the ocean while your shopping! Also check out the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine. A fun, kid friendly place with a huge ferris wheel and great restaurants.


    4. It’s safe and well kept. Irvine has been voted one of the safest cities for years now. But it’s not only Irvine, many of the cites in Orange County are safe for your children and families and kept

    clean. People take pride to live here so they keep it nice. I guess that’s why there is a premium to live in Orange County.

    5. Lastly, the weather. When it’s 70 degrees all the time, who can complain? It rains maybe 10 days a year and breaks 75 a few days during the summer. Other than that, it’s sunshine all day long!
    Regardless if you’re a resident of OC or just visiting, there really is something special about Orange County.


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  • A blog about our dog

    Posted on July 20, 2015 by Todd

    By: Jamie Lohr

    If you are anything like us at PiggyBoxes, you prefer to have your four-legged companion by your side at all times. Well, our dog Frankie is no exception. He not only works with us, vacations with us, and sleeps with us. He has his own title at PiggyBoxes.

    So who is our Chief Executive Pooch? His name is Frankie! A three year old ti-colored King Charles Cavalier who runs our home, loves his Cavalier pals and documents his adventures on Instagram. Thats right, he has his own Instagram account (@thefrankiemonster). Having a dog has changed my life for the better so, no wonder I HATE leaving him at home. Our families think we're crazy but do you leave your children at home? No. So he comes with us, everywhere we go!

    Finding places to take him isn't always easy. I have scoured Southern California for the best places to bring your dog and here is what I have (all of them are Frankie approved!).

    1. Wilma’s Patio on Balboa Island- This place is so dog friendly they bring your dogs their own bowl of fresh water. Chances are when you go, you’re not the only one with a dog. The front patio makes the perfect setting for a lunch date with you and your pooch! What's even better is you can take them on the ferry when you're done dining or anywhere on the Island because everyone there loves dogs!

    2. Corona Del Mar - We could spend hours walking around here enjoying the views and sunsets. Not to mention meeting lots of furry friends along the way! The best way to describe it is a gorgeous dog park with an ocean view, except it's not a dog park!

    3. Huntington Beach Dog Beach - The best place to let your dog run free to enjoy everything the beach has to offer! Waves, sand and lots of birds!

    4. Any where in Palm Desert. One of our favorite vacation spots is Palm Desert because literally every place allows dogs! The entire city is dog friendly. Outside of every shop on El Paseo are dogs bowls with water and treats. It doesn't get any better than that!

    5. Fashion Island in Newport Beach - This gorgeous shopping mecca is also a paw-some hang out for your dogs! All of the stores allow your pet. There are several eateries that have out door seating to bring your dog. It’s basically a woman’s dream - shopping and dogs!

    In reality, all dogs are happy to go anywhere with their owner. I know that I am happier with him by my side :) IMG_2707

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  • Changing the way you clean your house!

    Posted on June 22, 2015 by Todd

    By: Jamie Lohr

    There was a time when people didn't think twice about what types of cleaners they sprayed around their homes. Full of toxins and chemicals, as long as it cleaned people didn't care. Times are changing and people are second guessing the harsh, hazardous chemicals they are spraying on their kitchen counter tops, floors, and putting in their dishwashers and washing machines. 

    Due to alarming research and case studies, many people are seeking alternative, all-natural cleaning methods that are not only better for the environment but clean just as well if not better! With ingredients you can pronounce, like vinegar, baking soda and coconut oil. Many of these products are not only better for your health and safe to use around kids and pets, but they’re also environmentally friendly.

    If you are a DIY-er try making your own cleaning solution! Here are five basic ingredients that serve as the building blocks for many safe home cleaning needs:

    1 Baking Soda - Cleans and deodorizes. Softens water to increase sudsing and cleaning power of soap. Good scouring powder.

    2 Borax - Cleans and deodorizes. Excellent disinfectant. Softens water. Available in laundry section of grocery store.

    3 Soap - Biodegrades safely and completely and is non-toxic. Available in grocery stores and health food stores. Sold as liquid, flakes, powder or in bars. Bars can be grated to dissolve more easily in hot water. Insist on soap without synthetic scents, colors or other additives.

    4 Washing Soda - Cuts grease and removes stains. Disinfects. Softens water. Available in laundry section of grocery store or in pure form from chemical supply houses as "sodium carbonate."

    5 White Vinegar or Lemon Juice - Cuts grease and freshens.

    Don’t have time to DIY? Try one of our favorite house hold cleaners from J. R. Watkins in Lavender. It’s all-natural and smells amazing! Find it at your local Sprouts.

    It’s time to rethink what your spraying around your house, your children and your pets!

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  • So what makes PiggyBoxes so much better than cardboard?

    Posted on June 17, 2015 by Todd








    Before the move:  To find cardboard are you really going to go dumpster diving? Ew! Chances are you will have to drive to your local home improvement store and stock up on boxes and packing tape. Not to mention you have to build them!

    With PiggyBoxes, we deliver our crates directly to your door, NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! Just go on our website or give us a call, pick a package that works for you and your boxes are on their way!

    During the move: If you think about it, cardboard is really just a heavy form of paper. While cardboard can be great to light weight items, there is one huge downside. Durability. Once you throw a few books or pair of shoes in a cardboard box, chances are it’s going to break. There goes all that time you put into building and packing that box. Plus, the cost of the box and packing tape.

    With PiggyBoxes, our totes are made of extremely durable plastic that can hold up to 100lbs! Just stack the PiggyBoxes 4 crates high on one of our awesome dollies and off you go!

    After the move: Once your done un-wrangling yourself from the packing tape and emptying out your cardboard boxes, you'll need find a new home for them, the trash. Lugging these boxes to the local dump is time consuming especially after you've just moved.
    With PiggyBoxes, we conveniently pick them up from your new house! Just pick a date and time that works for your schedule and just like that, the boxes are gone!

    Because PiggyBoxes are so durable and convenient, we promise to save you time and money on your next move!

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  • Summer's Over! Who's Ready for Cooler Weather?

    Posted on October 9, 2014 by Todd

    We are!!! Hope everyone had a great summer! If you know of anyone moving this fall/winter have them check out our reusable moving boxes. They make moving so much easier! We deliver for free anywhere in Orange County!


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  • Perks of Running An Eco-friendly Busines

    Posted on October 21, 2013 by Todd

    Perks of Running An Eco-friendly Business
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    Venturing into any kind of business is not a piece of cake. There are many things you need to consider before finally diving into the swarm of small and big enterprises. Naturally, you need to be competent and persistent in achieving your goals to be successful. Intimidating as it may sound but if you really have the passion and knowledge to run a business, why not?

    Alright, here is a major tip on how you can get to the edge of competition even when you are just starting up. Make your business an eco-friendly one!

    We are living in the 20th century and people are now fully aware about how we should all care for Mother Earth. Gone are the days when green advocates get discriminated and bullied. Green living is the latest trend and people also incorporate these new lifestyles by patronizing and supporting green businesses. This is the major reason why you should join in the caravan!

    There are other perks in store for you once you run an eco-friendly business and they are the following:
    1. You and your business becomes "Green Icons"- Being labeled as such gives you a higher impact when it comes to your target market. Remember, consumers trust and support businesses with green advocacy these days. If you are a friend of Mother Earth and your business aims to lessen your environmental impact, rest assured that you are already at the edge of competition.

    2. Reduced Overhead Cost- eco-friendly businesses practice the three R's: Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. These are three economical and effective ways of saving Mother Earth and at the same time saves you from incurring expensive operational cost. Once you and your staff practice the acts of saving paper, energy, and time during business operations, you will see that being an eco-friendly business saves your finances as well.

    3. Increased life span of your business- as you reduced the environmental impact of your business it also becomes more sustainable unlike your competitors. Economic crisis such as climate change, oil shortage, and other mishaps could be their major problem but not yours since you already inclined your business to natural resources and methods.

    So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and venture into your own business but remember, make it eco-friendly as possible.

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  • 3 Going Green iPhone Apps and It's Free!

    Posted on July 29, 2013 by Todd

    Are you not amazed at how the evolution of cellular phones turned from simple call and receive call features, to sending SMS and now to Internet browsing? These days, you will never be left behind as the worldwide web is just a single touch or slide away on your iPhone and you are connected to almost any part of the world. Ask a person what they want to receive for Christmas or on their special day and for sure one top answer would be an iPhone or the latest version if they already have one.

    There is no doubt that iPhone's useful and entertainment functions had drawn many consumers to own one. Clearly, people today are literally living with their iPhone- day in and day out. Different applications available for download for free or for a fee is being invented and they are becoming popular to iPhone users. We are glad to say that despite the modernization happening around the globe, there are still people who care for Mother Nature. There are many apps for almost everything, that even if you ask "Is there an app which can help me pursue my green lifestyle? Sure there is! And it's FREE!

    Zero Carbon

    We all know that in almost everything we do, we emit carbon footprints that are proven to be huge threat to Mother Nature. And as far as we are all concerned to what is really happening to our environment, we tend to think of ways on how we could help lessen if not totally eliminate carbon footprint. Using your iPhone, you can help take care of our environment by simply downloading Zero Carbon. This is a FREE app and an offset tool that provides you with a list of tasks that you can finish to help lessen your own carbon emissions. It also gives information about your own goal and how you are doing compare to others around the world. To help spread the word, it allows you to share results of your environmental goals on Facebook.


    3 Going Green iPhone Apps and It's Free!
    by: Mylene Dela Cena

    Are you an advocate of fresh and green produce from local farmers? If you are then you must have Locavore on your iPhone. This app could help you find farmer markets and farms much easier than going around your neighborhood. Depending on your phone's GPS, it will find the nearest area where you can find fresh farm products. In addition, using this FREE app, you can be aware of what foods are in season now and what is coming soon. Do you love recipes? You can also find delicious recipes for all your local items using this app and even post what you just had on Facebook.

    Avego Driver

    Want to save money on gas, reduce travel time, and help cut-off carbon footprints? Normally, carpooling is widely promoted to achieve all these goals. However, if you work in a company who does not have any carpooling program, this could be hard for you from the start. But do not fret because Avego Driver was invented for this very purpose. Avego Driver is a real-time ride sharing FREE app that connects you with people in your area who are also heading in the same direction as you are. Carpooling has never been this easy! Computing for how much each person must share for the gas is also made easy by this iPhone app.

    If people could easily jumped in the caravan of owning the latest gadgets that come out in the market, then there is no excuse at how living green could be any harder. With these three iPhone apps, you are making baby steps in living a green advocacy.

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  • Eco-friendly Money Saving Tips When Moving

    Posted on April 17, 2013 by Todd

    Eco-friendly Money Saving Tips When Moving
    by: Mylene Dela Cena

    There are many reasons why a person or a family moves from one house to another. No matter what the reason is, the conclusion here is that moving could cost you a lot of bucks! You may have shelled out some money on your new place (and that is perfectly understandable) so letting go a few more dollars on your moving day will surely make you scratch your head. You would not want to live in your new home with empty pockets, right? Fear no more as we have some money saving tips for you when moving. Another catch with these tips are that it will not only help you but our Mother Nature as well! Yep, these are eco-friendly tips to save money and our environment too!

    Do not stick to one quote, have as many as you can.

    If you would need to hire a moving company, look for two or at least three bidders before you pick one. It is best to have a three cost estimates to choose and compare with. From here you would see if the amount they are asking are reasonable. If one quote is too expensive compared to the other two or if it is too cheap, most probably there is something fishy going on with their estimates. Be keen and let your Mathematics skills do the judgment.

    Pack on your own

    If you let the moving company do all the packing for you, then do not expect that it would come for free. More or less you will be asked for an additional fee just by packing your things. Save that additional fee for yourself and pack your stuff on your own. You can do these weeks or even months before your actual moving.

    Rely on your friends, but make sure to compensate them!

    At times when you need full manpower to help you when you move, your friends are just probably waiting for your approach. A moving company may charge you for three or four men to help you move your stuff from your old place to the new one. More or less it would cost a thousand. But if you could have the same number of friends and they are willing to help you all through out the moving process, why not? In between moving, you could just toss each one of them a beer or two and munch on pizzas together. Calculate. How much is a few case of beer and few boxes of pizza? Compare. Aside from the fun and talking around while moving, you save a huge chunk on your budget with your friends.

    Rent moving boxes.

    Today, boxes are being replaced by eco-friendly re-usable plastic storage boxes. These are usually available for rent and are delivered right on your doorstep and picked up on your new place after several days. Mother Nature will surely be happy to know that trees are being saved because cardboard boxes can now be omitted when moving. With re-usable plastic boxes, you do not have to worry on where to stock up used boxes after you settled in to your new place.

    Dispose your excess items.

    Save yourself from packing stuff that is not useful to you anymore. Instead of including them in your package, you could either sell them or give it away. Not only will it cut cost on your moving expenses, you could earn money from it or have a happy heart because you shared it with others. Less boxes, less expenses, and less carbon footprints to our environment.

    You see, moving does not need to be expensive if you would look at the bright side. All you need to do is to plan so you can have a detailed manifesto on your actual moving day. List down all this money saving tips and you could have few extra dollars for a welcome to your new home party.

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