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  • Thanksgiving Is Here! Let’s Make it Green Shall We?

    Posted on November 26, 2013 by Todd

    Thanksgiving Is Here! Let’s Make it Green Shall We?
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    Before lining up the lists of festive dinner and exciting family celebrations such as Christmas and New Year, celebrating Thanksgiving is what we all look forward to. This is not just another festivity but most of all a gathering of family and friends who all have the same objective- to give thanks to everything they have received whether good or bad. Thanksgiving is also the perfect time to give thanks to our Mother Earth who has been there since the beginning to shelter us and our future generation as well.

    There are many ways we could extend our gratitude to Mother Earth and this Thanksgiving, we are giving away some ideas on how we could celebrate it- the green ways.

    1. Buy from local farmers- For a change, skip your favourite grocery shops and head on to local farms near you. You see, crops and other vegetables grew during fall and by now these items were surely harvested by local farmers. It would be great if you will buy from them and be perfectly sure that your Thanksgiving dinner will be compose of fresh and healthy greens.

    2. Recycle- Spare your garbage bag from getting filled of leftovers and other wasted food. Remember, these scraps are perfect to serve as compost. Hold on to your unfinished turkey! You can create soups, salads or sandwiches out of this main dish.

    3. Opt for veggies- Spare the poor Turkey this Thanksgiving. There are many other dishes recommended for home makers instead of stuffing up the bird. Green salads and other vegetable meals are healthier and eco-friendly! Ever heard of Tofurky? It is a brand name of an American vegetarian turkey replacement that is made out of wheat protein and organic tofu! Just the perfect replacement to your traditional Turkey on Thanksgiving!

    4. Stay comfy at your home- You do not need to go out on Thanksgiving. You can have your family and friends stay with you and have dinner together. It will not just save you from spending money on gas but it will also save Mother Earth from having an additional carbon footprint on her shoulder.

    5. Start a green goal- Thanksgiving is also considered as payback time to Mother Earth. This year, you could start setting up a green goal like planting a tree, starting a green lifestyle or involving yourself to green acts and movements. Any act that is eco-friendly is a perfect Thanksgiving gift to our environment.

    This post was posted in Green Things, Orange County and was tagged with Green, Moving Boxes, orange county, thanksgiving

  • Celebrate Halloween in Green!

    Posted on October 28, 2013 by Todd

    Celebrate Halloween in Green!
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    I can't believe that we are going through mid-October already! Time really flies. In some parts of the world, people are enjoying the season of fall/autumn while some are already gearing up their spooky Halloween costumes and decorations.

    Celebrating Halloween is one of the most exciting and fun both for young and old. However, as scary as we would like to celebrate it nothing is more scary than the fact that Mother Nature is yet another victim during this celebration. You see, Halloween parties are usually associated with disposables and single-use food servings plus synthetics! Imagine how all these stuff could do to our environment when disposed in just a single day!

    We still have few more days before Halloween and we have here tips on how we could celebrate it in green ways!

    1. Go for DIY Costumes- you do not have to buy new costumes year after year. Look beyond your closet and get creative. You can also add spice to your costumes by using props that are available around your home. You can find inspirations from your favorite movie characters or through Internet.

    2. Make your own treats- these goodies do not need to be all candies and lollipops wrapped in plastics that once thrown by little kids would surely add to our land fills. Bake your own cupcakes or cookies and wrap them in paper that are recyclable.

    3. Use safe make-up and face paint- costume face paints and make-up are usually loaded with heavy and harmful chemicals particularly lead. Find time to look for safe cosmetics especially if you intend to use it on kids. Organic make-up are very popular nowadays.

    4. Make use of natural decoration- stores are normally loaded with Halloween crafts and decorations as soon as October sets in. But why buy when you can make use of those brightly colored leaves and pumpkins? All you need is creativity!

    5. Use eco-disposable party food services- it is undeniably true that disposables could save you a lot of time in cleaning up the dishes. But it should not be made of plastic. There are many disposable food services these days that are made of biodegradable materials and are safe both to man and nature.

    So who says Halloween is all about dark and spooky when you can make it green and eco-friendly?

    This post was posted in Green Things, Orange County

  • Perks of Running An Eco-friendly Busines

    Posted on October 21, 2013 by Todd

    Perks of Running An Eco-friendly Business
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    Venturing into any kind of business is not a piece of cake. There are many things you need to consider before finally diving into the swarm of small and big enterprises. Naturally, you need to be competent and persistent in achieving your goals to be successful. Intimidating as it may sound but if you really have the passion and knowledge to run a business, why not?

    Alright, here is a major tip on how you can get to the edge of competition even when you are just starting up. Make your business an eco-friendly one!

    We are living in the 20th century and people are now fully aware about how we should all care for Mother Earth. Gone are the days when green advocates get discriminated and bullied. Green living is the latest trend and people also incorporate these new lifestyles by patronizing and supporting green businesses. This is the major reason why you should join in the caravan!

    There are other perks in store for you once you run an eco-friendly business and they are the following:
    1. You and your business becomes "Green Icons"- Being labeled as such gives you a higher impact when it comes to your target market. Remember, consumers trust and support businesses with green advocacy these days. If you are a friend of Mother Earth and your business aims to lessen your environmental impact, rest assured that you are already at the edge of competition.

    2. Reduced Overhead Cost- eco-friendly businesses practice the three R's: Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. These are three economical and effective ways of saving Mother Earth and at the same time saves you from incurring expensive operational cost. Once you and your staff practice the acts of saving paper, energy, and time during business operations, you will see that being an eco-friendly business saves your finances as well.

    3. Increased life span of your business- as you reduced the environmental impact of your business it also becomes more sustainable unlike your competitors. Economic crisis such as climate change, oil shortage, and other mishaps could be their major problem but not yours since you already inclined your business to natural resources and methods.

    So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and venture into your own business but remember, make it eco-friendly as possible.

    This post was posted in Eco Friendly Moving Supplies, Green Things, Moving Boxes, Orange County, Plastic moving boxes and was tagged with Eco Friendly, Green, moving supplies, reusable, green moving, reduce, reuse, recycle, green business, Orange County Green Business

  • Eco-warrior Dolls Invented for Little Girls

    Posted on October 15, 2013 by Todd

    Eco-warrior Dolls Invented for Little Girls
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    Parents of this era are more aware about proper parenting and child care especially when it comes to the health and safety of their little ones. Naturally, when we talk about kids there is also one thing that could be associated with them, toys. These items are parents' number one armor in taming their kids and for them to have a little time for themselves while their children are busy playing.

    However these days, finding toys that are safe for the kids especially for the little ones are hard to find. It is still the parent's duty to scrutinize every toy's label and tags for safety precautions and other warnings regarding hazardous materials used in manufacturing them. This is mainly the reason how a local of Orange County, decided to come up with eco-friendly dolls that could be any little girl's best friend.

    You read it right! Only in OC could you see a manufacturing company of eco-friendly dolls that were conceptualized by a mother-daughter tandem. Laxmi and Hansini Wadhwani are the mother and daughter behind the brilliant eco-friendly idea of introducing environment-friendly dolls not only to the little girls but to the whole Orange County residents and neighboring cities as well.

    The beginning of their venture started when Hansini showed her mother a sketch of a woman with flowing blue hair and told her that she was Mother Earth. Laxmi, her mother, spent years of experience in the toy industry. As she felt overwhelmed to her daughter's passion in taking care of the environment, an idea sparked and the rest as they say is history.

    Today, Zeenie Dollz are gaining popularity among little girls. These dolls are made of non-toxic plastics and recyclable materials that are safe for the kids. Aside from that, the concept and mission of the company itself, which is to spread awareness on how we should all take care of our environment, are easily adopted by the little children.

    The easiest way to educate kids about becoming environment-friendly individuals is through the things they use the most, in this case, toys. Zeenie Dollz come in six different fashionable characters who aim to protect the Earth and call themselves eco-warriors. Visit Zeeni Dollz's website to find out more about their exceptional and green toys for your little girls.

    This post was posted in Green Things, Orange County and was tagged with Eco Friendly, Green, orange county

  • Green Homes and Buildings in OC

    Posted on September 20, 2013 by Todd

    Green Homes and Buildings in OC
    by: Mylene Dela Cena

    It is heartbreaking to see how climate change, global warming, and other environmental destruction affect our Mother Earth. These are just few of the negative effects brought by our irresponsible actions and behavior towards our environment. Even with the global awareness about Earth preservation, still there are people who just read and listen but do not implement actions.

    If you go around OC or even when you just flip pages of real estate home magazines, one thing that will surely attract your attentions are the words green homes, sustainable buildings, and eco-friendly constructions. While some people promote green living by eating organic foods, patronizing eco-friendly products, and energy conservation, residents of Orange County start their green lifestyle by living in green homes and working in sustainable buildings.

    If you are looking for a green home to live in you will find lots in Orange County! These are actually homes that are made of eco-friendly materials and with sustainable designs. Living in a home like this will surely give you all the motivation to lead your whole life towards sustainable and green living. The popularity of these green homes inspired many companies in the area to have their buildings built in sustainable structures too.

    On the rise these days in Orange County is sustainable buildings and structures. These types of buildings aim to cut off carbon footprints, save on energy and money. Although the construction process could cost them a hefty amount of money, in two or three years, the amount invested on such building will surely pays it off. Companies who have sustainable buildings will benefit more once they got certifications from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED. Being certified by LEED is like getting the edge over the others.

    Today, people also shows sympathy and compassion to our Earth's welfare by patronizing and supporting green companies who also have the same goals and objectives like theirs. No wonder businesses in OC are doing their best to work with LEED and get their buildings be made and handled by them.

    This post was posted in Green Things, Orange County and was tagged with Green, orange county, reusable, real estate, LEED

  • Eco-Friendly Back to School Tips

    Posted on September 19, 2013 by Todd

    Eco-Friendly Back to School Tips
    by: Mylene Dela Cena

    Although it had been a month since the school started, there are some parents out there who are still doing their best to complete their children's school stuff. There can be two reasons why it happened, one, these parents were busy on other things and two, out of budget.

    For most children, the start of another school year can be both exciting and scary. It cannot be denied that new school items like bags, shoes, clothes, and others are main reasons for these kids to get excited. On top with that of course are old friends and familiar faces they could see again in school. On the other hand, it can also be scary since it will be another year of mingling with people you do not know yet be it new classmates or teachers.

    As parents, you should give full support to your kids on how they should act and behave on their first few days in school. Becoming a friend of the Earth is also another positive attitude you can instill your kids as they start another school year. And so, with no further ado, allow us to give these parents some eco-friendly back to school shopping tips that will not only help saves Mother Earth but will also spare them from spending much on school materials.

    1. Prepare an inventory- the easiest way to complete your kids' school materials are to go shopping. But since we are here to offer eco-friendly and some money saving tips, we recommend that you take an inventory first of what your kids currently have. There maybe unused notebooks hidden inside your kid's room or a perfectly old pair of shoes that only needs a thorough clean up. Other items needed in school that you already probably have are bags, school uniforms, and unused art materials. Remember: back to school things do not need to be new. Usually, these items can be re-used with a little touch of cleaning and washing. Once you got your inventory list, you will know what to buy and what is already on hand.

    2. Go for eco-friendly school items- being green is becoming the latest trend these days that even kids find it cool to have earth-friendly school stuff. Instead of buying branded backpacks, clothes, shoes and other school materials, why not look for eco-friendly logo and labels. They are not only cheaper but are also safe to our environment.

    3. Green transportation- most carbon footprints come from cars and other vehicles. If you have only one child to bring and pick up from school, why not offer other children around your neighborhood for a hitch? Car pooling is the best way to lessen carbon footprint and it will save you from gas (you can ask them for a chip-in for your gas). Another means of going to school is by walking if it is near your place and biking.

    It will take months to finish one school year and to motivate them to do well in school, start their first days in school with "green attitude".

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  • Child-Friendly Beaches In OC and Some Tips On How To Keep It Clean and Safe

    Posted on September 9, 2013 by Todd

    Child-Friendly Beaches In OC and Some Tips On How To Keep It Clean and Safe
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    There will always be something special about beaches that make any child jump out of joy on knowing that a visit to a particular beach is about to happen. Admit it, sometime in your youth you felt the same joy as your kids are. However, there are parents who are oftentimes pessimistic about the beach, particularly the waves. Well, here in OC, you can find several child-friendly beaches that have very little waves and sometimes even non at all. But of course, danger does not lurk on waves alone. Safety measures must still be observed to ensure pure fun and enjoyment for the little ones.

    Here are some child-friendly beaches on our list:

    Corona Del Mar- located at Pacific Coast Highway near Newport Beach. This beach has sheltered coves and does not have big waves saving mothers from any kind of worries about their kids swimming or playing in the water. Guests will surely enjoy the spectacular sunset view and the kids will surely remember their bonfire activities here. Picnics and other family bonding activities are very much welcome here.

    Baby Beach in Dana Point- residents near the Ocean Institute are regular visitors here. Both kids and parents enjoy the calmness of the water. Guests usually have their picnics here or even just do some walking and strolling. Just like in a park, most guests here composed of moms, babies, kids, and families. Another good thing on this beach is that lifeguard are present during summer.

    As you go around OC, you will surely bump into other safe and clean beaches where you and your family could bond and have fun. And mind you, people here are very much aware on how to keep these beaches safe and clean. Sharing you some of their "before and after beach trip rituals" here:

    As you get to the beach, make sure you have extra bags for trash and other rubbish that you and your family might produce during your stay on the beach.
    - Make the little kids aware about taking care of the environment. The beach is just the perfect place to start environmental awareness.

    - Join local beach cleanup groups.

    - Bring food in reusable containers.

    - Encourage others to keep the beach clean and safe not just for little kids but for the whole community as well.

    Let us all keep in mind that "Life is a Beach" so let's save and protect all our beaches for the sake of the next generation.

    This post was posted in Green Things, Orange County and was tagged with Eco Friendly, things to do in Orange County, orange county beaches, corona del mar, dana point, clean beaches

  • Green Jobs Do Exist in Orange County

    Posted on September 1, 2013 by Todd

    Green Jobs Do Exist in Orange County
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    Are you an environmental advocate? Do you ever think that working on a job that adheres to your own "green" belief is possible? Well, here in Orange County, green jobs are growing more and more in many companies and they were all grabbed by eco-friendly workers living here.

    The reason why the growing number of companies who offer green jobs keep on increasing is because of the legislative law that is being carried out in Orange County. Now that is some kind of law that should be carried out not just in OC but all over the world. Aside from that, the government gives incentives to those who will generate green jobs from their companies.

    But in fairness to these companies, they do not create green jobs just to follow the law but it is also their own desire to cut waste and save money. It is also another great marketing technique to be more competitive. In this generation, the more consumers know that what they are buying or using are made by companies who really care for the environment, the more they will patronize them. With that, companies with green jobs have nothing to lose. They help in saving the environment, consumers make their businesses grow. Great deal.

    As of this year, a non-profit group called Next10 had an estimate of 170,000 core green jobs in California and that includes 17,800 in Orange County. Companies here are usually involve in renewable generation, resource efficiency, green chemicals, green building, and clean means of transportation.

    Meanwhile, here are examples of companies who offer other companies their services and products to be the best green companies they could be in their own respective towns and countries:

    Phoenix Energy Technologies (Irvine)- sells web-based software to help other companies to develop energy efficiency

    Clean Energy Fuels (Newport Beach)- considered as the nation's largest builder of stations for compressed natural gas which is a cleaner and cheaper fuel than diesel or gasoline

    Innova Electronics (Irvine) - it sells handheld tools that test cars for pollution

    There are a lots of ways to multiply the number of green jobs here in OC, in California, across the United States, and even all over the world. We just need to work hand in hand to make our world a better and greener place to live.

    This post was posted in Green Things, Orange County and was tagged with Eco Friendly, green job orange county

  • 5 Ways On How To Reduce Paper Usage

    Posted on August 13, 2013 by Todd

    5 Ways On How To Reduce Paper Usage
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    Our current customers are mostly aware that our moving company had been going on paperless transactions for quite some time now. Instead of having our usual cool pink clipboard and pink pen when our customers sign paper contracts during deliveries and pick up, we had come up with some cool iPad app that allows our customers to sign their documents electronically! So now we are very proud that our company is not just doing good services to our clients but to Mother Earth as well!

    It is true that many people nowadays are also giving much concern to our environment and as an act of kindness to Mother Earth, many individuals are starting to make simple steps by recycling paper instead of throwing them in to landfills after use. But come to think of it. Would it be far better if we could reduce paper usage instead of recycling them? Of course, recycling is another great way to save the environment but you see, recycling itself could entail much energy and effort. Why deal with that kind of dilemma when it could be skipped in the first place by actually reducing our paper consumption?

    Just like how we came up with the idea of going paperless, we formulated some tips on how you could do the same- to reduce your paper usage. Take note of the following.

    1. Cut down the amount of unsolicited mails that land to your mailbox.
    While this may seem to be not in your full discretion, you could do something to at least let those senders know that you are not interested and that you are practicing the no paper rules. You can eliminate those pre-screened credit card offers, catalogs, circulars, and coupons by looking for the appropriate sites that could permanently opt out those paper materials.

    2. Go for alternative paper products.
    If you have been living in a world of papers before, try to alternate it with non-paper products like paper napkins-- cloth ones are better. Special set of towels would be a great option than using boring paper towels. Go back to the basics and bring out those satin and cloth handkerchief rather than patronizing paper tissues. And we know you can think of more alternatives than what we mentioned.

    3. Opt for online banking.
    Aside from the convenience of banking online, you are also spared from using paper bills and bank statements.

    4. Be resourceful.
    Whenever you have printed documents sprawled around your offices or homes, be imaginative. Instead of buying note pads or post-it, use those resources. Cut out the blank sections of the printed document, file them, and voila! Instant notepad at your service.

    5. Take advantage of the technology.
    Why buy books when you can either download them for free or for a minimal fee? With the latest gadget we have now like iPad and other devices, going paperless is a lot easier.

    Just as how we made our vows to do business without hurting our environment, we also want others to have the same objective as well not just for all of us but more for the future of the next generation.

    This post was posted in Green Things, Uncategorized and was tagged with Eco Friendly, Green, Moving Boxes, orange county, reusable, reduce, reuse, recycle

  • Top 3 Eco-friendly Diapers: Make Your Choice

    Posted on August 12, 2013 by Todd

    Top 3 Eco-friendly Diapers: Make Your Choice
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    The arrival of a new baby in the family brings a lot of joy not just to the parents but to their relatives and friends too. No wonder even before the big day, baby showers and other welcome parties for the baby is the latest trend. But these are just optional and the most important thing that parents should think of even before the baby arrives are stuff that the little one might need. Milk, clothes, food, and other baby gears. But for eco-conscious soon-to-be parents, one main item that could probably be lurking on their minds are the types of diaper the little one would use.

    Sure there are many baby products out there that are made of eco-friendly materials and they are easy to find in stores even for first time parents. But a lot of effort is needed when it comes to finding the right eco-friendly diapers for your little bundle of joy. It would probably take some hits and misses to find the perfect one but the risk of wasting your money over products that are not suited for your baby and your personal preferences is at stake.

    To help parents out, we are citing here our Top 3 Eco-Friendly Diapers and from here, you can make your own choice on what to use for your baby.

    Seventh Generation

    One of the pioneer in manufacturing eco-friendly household products even before the trend of living green became popular. Seventh Generation disposable diapers are made of wood fibers that act like cloth and is proven to be hypoallergenic. Non eco-friendly diapers usually use chlorine or natural latex in creating sodium polyacrylate, the water absorbing substance found in diapers. Seventh Generation diapers may not be made of an entire biodegradable resources but rest assured that the entire process of manufacturing their diapers are more friendly and gentle on our environment than any other brands.

    Nature's Babycare

    As the company/product name implies, it caters products that are meant for your little ones especially during the infant years. Nature's Babycare is from Sweden and its main advocacy is to create products that are not just safe and friendly to your babies but to Mother Earth as well. You can be certain that their disposable diapers are made of biodegradable corn products and like Seventh Generation, they do not use chorine in manufacturing their diapers.

    Earth's Best

    It is a good thing that many manufacturers today are very keen in keeping up the safety of our environment. Earth's Best is another company that also caters an entire product line of eco-friendly materials for babies. This is also a trusted brand for disposable diapers that are made of wheat and corn and does not use chlorine, perfumes, dyes or latex during the entire processing of their diaper products.

    It may be an advocacy for some parents to patronize eco-friendly diapers but it is still best suggested that parents seek first their baby's pediatrician if some health issues arise. Other materials may not be suited for all types of baby's skin.

    This post was posted in Green Things and was tagged with Eco Friendly, green mom, green diapers

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