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  • We are paperless!

    Posted on February 28, 2013 by Todd

    Since opening in 2011 we have always had our customers sign paper contracts during delivery and pick up of their moving boxes.  We even had a really cool pink clipboard and pink pen (I got many comments on those, they will be missed!).  Well we are excited to announce that we now have an awesome new iPad app that allows our customers to electronically sign their documents!  PiggyBoxes is all about making moving easier and more eco-friendly and this is another way for us to deliver!


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  • 90,000-Square-Foot Palace

    Posted on February 25, 2013 by Todd

    So if you haven't heard, there is a 90,000 sq ft. home being built in Florida by Timeshare Mogul David Siegel and his wife.  Yes I said 90,000.  Four 0's.  And when I said "home" I really meant mega-mansion/small city/hotel/etc...  The palace nicknamed "Versailles" was once on the market for $75 million as-is or $100 million completed but is now off the market as construction is back after a few year hiatus.  A few of Versailles' "features":

    - 13 Bedrooms

    - 21 Bathrooms

    - 30 Car Garage

    - 3 Pools

    - Bowling Alley

    - 2 Tennis Courts

    - Playroom

    - Homework Room

    - Roller Rink


    Check out this Video of the property!


    If you ever plan on moving into the place, David, give me a call we have plenty of moving boxes for you!

    - Todd



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  • Green "Mommy" Things

    Posted on February 22, 2013 by Todd

    So our good friend Natalie (BLOG: Nat your average girl...) has a great blog post today on Eco-Friendly, reusable things for mommies!  She has a beautiful 1 year old girl named Blair who constantly keeps her busy, but Natalie still finds time to blog every day about the joys of being a mommy!  Natalie was one of the first PiggyBoxes customers, we're glad she loved them!  Check out her "Green Mama" blog post HERE.

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  • 5 Common Reasons Why People Move

    Posted on January 25, 2013 by Todd

    The average person moves every 6 years!  That's a lot of moving!  People move for many different reasons, some good, some bad.  Here are the top 5 reasons people move.

    1.  Movin' Up.  One of the best moves is when you decide that you are ready for a bigger place!  Your garage is packed, closet is too small, bathroom can only fit one person, etc.  Looking for a larger place can be such a relief!  When you find that perfect place with tons of closet space, a huge kitchen, more bedrooms, you will wonder how you ever survived in such a small place.

    2.  Downsizing.  You've spent years raising your kids.  Soccer practice 3 days a week, dance class 2 days a week, weekends consist of soccer games, school projects, birthday parties...and now the kids are gone.  Off to college. Empty Nest.  What to do with those 3 extra bedrooms? Do you still need that pool?  Time to look for a smaller place. Simplify!

    3.  Job Change.  Coming from the apartment industry this was always the main reason people moved.  I couldn't believe how many people moved from thousands of miles away to a place where they've never been before, for a job.  You can also say that is one of the most stressful times.  Uprooting a family, finding a new home, starting a new job, talk about stress!

    4.  Joining Households.  Speaking from experience, joining households after getting married is awesome!  Figuring out which furniture to keep, where to move, not to mention learning to leave the toilet seat down!  Nothing beats finding that new home as a team!

    5.  Change it up.  You'd be surprised, tons of people move just because they are tired of their current place.  This was also very common in the apartment industry.  When you have a small place and don't have much stuff, making a move every couple years is easy and very common.  I even had people move to a different apartment on the same property just because they wanted a different view!


    Whatever the reason for your upcoming move, think about the environmental impact you will be making.  When you rent plastic moving boxes from PiggyBoxes you are doing your part in lessening your impact on the earth.  Our moving boxes can be reused hundreds of times saving thousand of cardboard moving boxes from landfills.  Moving is also a difficult and stressful time.  Let us make your move easier.  We delivery our moving boxes to your door, you pack and move them to your new home, then when you're done unpacking, we come pick everything up.  One less thing for you to worry about!

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  • City of Irvine - February Events

    Posted on January 24, 2013 by Todd

    Looking for some fun things to do with the kids in Irvine?  Here are some fun things coming up for the month of February!

    - Every Saturday at 10:00am: Family Art Time- Parents and children experiment with different media including drawing and painting, mixed media, clay, printmaking and more with guidance from an art instructor. Parent must enroll and participate with enrolled child. Ages 5+.

    - February 3rd- Tennis Lessons: Lessons, Leagues and Camps are offered for ages 5 through adults at many parks throughout the City. Go to to browse for classes.

    - February 8th 6:00pm- Have fun learning new dance moves at this hip hop class for teens. Open to high school students only. Includes lesson, open dance and refreshments. More info: 949-724-6739. $5 per student; register in course #122959.

    - February 8th 6:30pm- Moonlit Marshmallows: Make a warm and gooey s'more by the campfire. Each session is one hour. Bring a flashlight and dress warm. All ages welcome. Fee is per person; adults must accompany children under 18.

    - February 10th- Children's Garden Workshop Series- Flower Power: The Orange County Great Park Food + Farm Lab is hosting a series of fun-filled garden themed workshops specifically designed for children, on the second Sunday of every month.

    February's Topic: Flower Power
    Besides being beautiful, flowers are a necessary component in fruit and vegetable production. Come and find out why flowers are so important and then press some to make the perfect valentine for someone special.

    Presented by the University of California Cooperative Extension Orange County Master Gardeners, kids of all ages are welcome to come by between the hours of 11am and 1pm for what promises to be an enjoyable and enlightening time.

    The workshops run every half hour, and include a brief interactive presentation and hands-on activity to help kids develop a deeper understanding of the food they eat, the importance of environmental stewardship, the history of agriculture in their community, and what it takes to ensure a healthy and sustainable future.

    - February 16th- Art Happening- James Luna: Native Stories- Join us for a new Arts Happening featuring the premier of a performance art piece by award-winning Luiseño Indian and artist James Luna titled: Native Stories: From the Colonia to the Rez followed by a Q & A session session moderated by Richard Stein, Executive Director of Arts Orange County. Seating is limited to 100 and will be filled on a first come, first seated basis. Luna’s stories transport audiences to his childhood where the family kitchen was the center of life, a place where he learned of his ancestors, heard heroic tales of family members, including military veterans and learned what it meant to be part of the American cultural revolutions of the 1950s through rock and roll, rebellion, religion and bell bottoms. He explains how and why he left Orange County in 1975 to move to the La Jolla Indian Reservation and why he never looked back.

    - February 22nd - Forms of Abstraction:  The Irvine Fine Arts Center is pleased to present Forms of Abstraction, a group exhibition focusing upon various artistic practices in the realm of abstract art.  The exhibition, which includes painting, sculpture and mixed media artwork from Southern California-based artists, will be featured in the Art Center's distinctive gallery space.  Exhibit will be on display at the Irvine Fine Arts Center from January 12 through February 23, 2013.  Hours of Operation:
    Monday-Thursday (10 a.m.-9 p.m.), Friday (10 a.m.-5 p.m.), Saturday (9 a.m.-5 p.m.), Closed Sundays.

    - February 22nd- Battle of the Bands: Watch local bands showcase their talents and compete for prizes. Online registration not available. Student admission $5 and adults $6 at the door. More info: 949-724-6739. All ages welcome.

    - February 23rd- 2013 Chamber Music Series: Highly acclaimed classical concert pianist and former Great Park Artist-in-Residence Kevin Kwan Loucks returns to the Palm Court Arts Complex at the Great Park on February 23 with guest artist Iryna Krechkovsky on violin.


    For more info visit the City of Irvine's website:

    - Todd


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  • City of Irvine- January Events

    Posted on January 23, 2013 by Todd


    The City of Irvine is known for many things...Along with being a great place to raise a family you can count on safety, good schools, lots of stucco, expensive Real Estate, and lots of apartments.  We get a majority of our business from the Irvine area so we thought it might make for a good blog post to highlight some cool stuff happening around Irvine in January!  We will highlight a different cities events every so often.

    - January 5-6th: Surf City Winter Showcase. Bill Barber Park/Harvard Park.

    - January 11th: PJ & Disney Movie Night. Wear your pajamas, bring your pillow and blanket, and relax with your friends while watching a classic Disney film. Light refreshments provided. Ages 14+

    - January 12th/19th/26th: Family Art Time- Parents and children experiment with different media including drawing and painting, mixed media, clay, printmaking and more with guidance from an art instructor. Parent must enroll and participate with enrolled child. Ages 5+.

    - January 26th/27th: OC Coastal Classic Softball Tournament. Triple Crown Sports, Inc.
    Two Locations: Bill Barber Community Park/ Mark Daily Field

    You can follow different Irvine city events here!



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  • Moving to an apartment in OC? Be prepared to open your wallet!

    Posted on January 19, 2013 by Todd

    Moving to an apartment in OC? Be prepared to open your wallet!  I was reading a recent article on the Orange County Register that states local rents are up 4.9% in the past year!

    Jeff Collins of the Orange County Register says, "The average rent for a large-complex apartment unit in Orange County hit another record high, climbing to $1,637 a month during 2012's final three months, apartment tracker RealFacts reported.

    That's up $9 a month from the summer. For the entire year, local rents rose $76 a month – or 4.9 percent – from the fall of 2011.

    Local rents dropped in the recession, followed by three years of almost uninterrupted rent hikes. County apartment rents increased 11 percent since 2009."


    Here is a pretty cool chart that breaks down the rent averages throughout Orange County:

    Size Q4 2011 Q4 2012 $ ch % ch
    Studio $1,127 $1,220 $93 8.3%
    1 Bed, 1 bath $1,337 $1,412 $75 5.6%
    2 Bed, 1 bath $1,448 $1,500 $52 3.6%
    2 Bed, 2 Bath $1,801 $1,877 $76 4.2%
    2 Bed Townhome $1,917 $2,027 $110 5.7%
    3 Bed, 2 bath $2,176 $2,233 $57 2.6%
    3 Bed Townhome $2,369 $2,585 $216 9.1%
    All Size Average $1,561 $1,637 $76 4.9%

    Source: RealFacts


    Even with all the new construction in the area, demand is still high!  I mean, who wouldn't want to live in Orange County?  1 way to save PiggyBoxes moving boxes for your move!



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  • Happy 2013!

    Posted on January 6, 2013 by Todd

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  • Friends don't let friends use cardboard!

    Posted on December 30, 2012 by Todd

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  • Concordia University Eagle Golf Classic 10/15/12

    Posted on October 22, 2012 by Todd


    Giving back is fun.  Promoting your business is fun.  Hanging out on the golf course all day giving back and promoting your business is really fun! Last Monday we sponsored the 15th hole at Oak Creek Golf Course in Irvine for the Concordia University Eagle Golf Classic.  Since I graduated from Concordia University (CUI) back in 2009 is was a great opportunity to give back to my Alma Mater while promoting my business to some of the Orange County business community that attends.  We had an idea to put a few of our eco-friendly moving boxes (PiggyBoxes) out in the fairway as a target.  We decided if you hit a box, you win!  We donated a Vizio LCD TV so whoever had the lucky shot was walking home with a new TV!

    Here is where we put the PiggyBoxes: (this is looking from the fairway towards the tee box)


    In order to be eligible to win the TV, you had to donate $5.  Out of about 70 people who tried, we only had 1 successful shot!  Congratulations to CUI Music Professor Jeff Held who had the lucky shot! Jeff walked home with a brand new TV which he was very excited about as he said they still had an old tube TV at home and this would be a nice upgrade!  He was also able to tell his wife, "See hunny, playing golf all day does pay off sometime!"


    All in all it was a great day out on the course, the weather was perfect, and we had tons of fun! Can't wait to do it again next year!

    Here are a few more pictures of our set up:


    - Todd

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