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  • Questions To Ask Moving Companies

    Posted on October 9, 2012 by Todd


    These days, hiring a moving company is easier than ever.  A simple search on the internet can give you tons of companies along with tons of reviews.  Once you narrow it down to a few companies, do a Google search on their name and see what comes up.  I wouldn't immediately give up on a company that has a few negative reviews, but take a few minutes to read the review and see if the company followed up.  You may get a good idea of how their business is run by reading comments from the owner. Once you've done that, give the companies a call...I always prefer to talk to them on the phone compared to a email.  You can ask many more questions and get more detailed answers.  Here are a few questions to ask:

    - How long have you been in business?  Experience is worth a few extra $'s in my opinion.

    - Are you licensed and insured?  It's not a bad idea to ask for proof of this.

    - What happens if you break something?  Hopefully this doesn't happen but its always a good idea to find out just in case.


    The biggest question people want to know is about price. In my experience most movers charge by the hour.  For a typical 2-3 bedroom home your looking anywhere from 2-6 hours (most companies have a 2 hour minimum anyways).  Most also charge double drive time.  This means that if it takes 20 minutes to get from your old home to your new home, they will add 40 minutes to the total time. This is very standard. Some questions to ask about price:

    - How much per hour?

    - Any extra fee's for large items, etc?

    - What supplies are included? This is an important question.  Most companies will want to use plastic wrap, tape, blankets, etc. but may not tell you they cost extra.  I suggest using them for TV's, furniture, etc. but make sure you know how much they cost.  I've been charged up to $40 for tape and plastic wrap, with nobody asking if I even wanted it.

    - How many movers are included? Most of the time you will get 2 guys, rarely 3 unless you pay extra.  For the average move I don't think its necessary to pay for a 3rd guy.


    Last thing I always recommend to people is to negotiate price.  Get bids from those few companies and use them against each other. Sometimes you can save a few bucks just by asking!


    Hopefully these tips helped.  Feel free to post any questions you have!



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  • Moving Checklist: 2-3 weeks before the move.

    Posted on September 25, 2012 by Todd


    So the move is quickly approaching! Here are 8 things to do 2-3 weeks before moving day:

    - Make sure you have scheduled delivery of all your supplies! Boxes, packing paper, etc... (If you are ordering our eco-friendly moving boxes we recommend scheduling delivery 1 week in advance to the move!)

    - Begin packing. First go with the things that you don't use very often and work towards the more frequent items.

    - Use Labels! As you begin packing its important to label exactly what's inside each box.  "Kitchen" sometime isn't the best label...try: "Silverware, paper towels, large mixing bowls, etc..."  This will come in handy when you have moved to the new place and are looking for something important before you've started unpacking. (think toilet paper!)

    - Make an inventory list of all valuable items you are packing, take pictures as well. You can never be too sure!

    - File a change of address with the Post Office. You can do it online via the USPS website HERE.

    - Check your work schedule. If necessary, make sure you put in for the day off if you haven't already!

    - Contact the moving company to confirm! (never a bad idea to do this again as you get closer to moving day)

    - Contact utility companies. Make sure things are on at your new home and that you have set a date to turn off things at the old home.


    If you have questions about anything on this list we are always available to help.  Give us a call at 877-927-4449 or email us at!



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  • 9 Things To Do 1 Month Before Moving!

    Posted on August 4, 2012 by Todd


    The next series of blog posts will be checklists to help make your move easier, cheaper, and more efficient.  We will start at 1 month away and work all the way up though a few days after your move.

    Here we start with 9 great tips to do about 1 month before your next move!

    9.  Start a folder where you can keep all your paperwork in 1 place.  (I can thank my Mom for teaching me this!)

    8.  If you are going to be using movers, contact a few different companies for quotes.  Keep in mind these companies want your business and may be willing to match/beat another companies quote.
    Tip: Stay away from Craigslist type moving companies, I've heard horror stories.  Most of the time you get what you pay for.  Do some research before booking!

    7.  Start going through those drawers and closets that you haven't touched in years.  Why spend money moving stuff you haven't touched since you moved into that place?  (Don't worry we all do that!)  Have a garage sale, sell stuff on eBay/Craigslist, or donate to your local Goodwill.  The more you get rid of now the easier and cheaper your move will be.

    6.  Along the same lines as #7, start going through your pantry!  You would be surprised how long you can go without going grocery shopping.  Use up some of those bulk items that you bought and throw away the old stuff that you know has been in there WAY too long!  Once again this will save you quite a bit of time and money.

    5.  Compare the floor plan of your new home with that of your current home.  What furniture are you taking with you?  What furniture won't fit?  What furniture needs to be replaced?   The better you plan now the easier things will be on moving day.  Why move furniture you don't want or you know won't fit?  List it on Craigslist or donate it!

    4.  This applies mostly to renters:  Fill those nail holes and start cleaning to make that landlord happy when you move out!  Talk to your landlord to see what kinds of things you should be doing.  Most apartments will give you a list of things that you need to do.  The more effort you put in now, the more of your security deposit your likely to get back!
    Tip: If you live in an apartment, the longer you lived there the less you will have to do.  Check with the landlord and see what the life is on paint and carpet.  Most places if you lived there for more than 2 years you won't have to do any repainting (aside from accent walls).  Regarding carpet, in my personal experience it's not worth it to clean the carpets yourself.  Most apartments do this for you for a very small fee, most of the time cheaper than you can do it yourself.  If you have any questions on this topic feel free to email me.  I worked in Property Management for 4 years and can get you all the insider info. =)

    3.  If you are moving for a job, talk to your employer to find out what they will be reimbursing you for.  Keep those receipts!!

    2.  Need storage, or have storage you need to empty?  Start going through things now and add to that Craigslist/Yard Sale pile.  If you need storage, start looking around to see what is close to where you are moving to.  If you are moving to an apartment, talk to the management office as sometimes they will have storage coupons.

    1.  The last thing and MOST important... Visit to get all your moving supplies!  We have everything you will need including Eco-Friendly moving boxes, wardrobe boxes (for hanging clothes), dollies, and packing paper!  Best of all, we will deliver everything to your current home then pick it up once you're done unpacking at your new home.  Once less thing you need to worry about!

    Coming up next: Things to do 2-3 weeks before moving day!


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  • Customer Review! "So easy even a pregnant women can use them!"

    Posted on August 4, 2012 by Todd


    Instead of hearing from us why PiggyBoxes are so cool, take it from one of our first customers! I like to call it "So easy even a pregnant woman can use them!"  Big thanks to Natalie for the awesome review!


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  • Bye Bye Cardboard Moving Boxes (The Beginning)

    Posted on August 3, 2012 by Todd

    (This was originally posted on 5/22/12)

    This past weekend while cleaning out my garage, I found a few old cardboard boxes full of stuff.  Ahhh how they bring back memories!  This is what one of them looked like:


         It made me think back to all the times that I have moved with these kinds of boxes.  Jamie and I used to drive around looking behind all the big box stores looking for cardboard boxes, this is what we would find.  Broken, dirty, and gross. At that time, being just out of college, I didn't care.  They were free and I didn't know any better.   Fast forward a few years, I'm moving again and need boxes.  This time we decided to go pick up a few of Lowe's moving boxes.  Not to be negative but these things sucked.  The handles on the sides were worthless and ripped off when I first picked them up, leaving me to have to pick up the box from the underside.  Not to mention I HATE packing tape, building those things was beyond annoying.

    Fast forward a few more years and I'm browsing around on the internet and stumble upon a company in New York that rents plastic moving boxes. GENIUS I thought. That's what I need!  Not only do I need those boxes but I want to start my own company to help people like me!  The rest is history.  PiggyBoxes was born shortly after that and not even a few weeks after the boxes arriving was I set to move again.  What better way to product test!   Here is what my living room looked like:

    I know what you're thinking. "Wow that's pretty cool!"  Trust me, it was.  All kidding aside, this was beyond the easiest move I've ever made.  I can't wait to share this service with everyone as I know there is a need for this.  Bottom line, tell your friends, tell your family, help them move easier!



    PS : I'm sure you're wondering what happened to that cardboard box, right?  Well, I emptied the contents into a PiggyBoxes moving box, and put it back in the garage where it came from.  The cardboard box landed in the recycle bin.  Someday I will have a "clutter free" garage, but for now at least it's organized!

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