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  • Tips for a greener move

    Posted on August 28, 2015 by Todd

    So, your moving. You’ve picked out your new place and you’re ready to go! You’ve picked the date the move is going to take place and you’ve hired movers. The last thing on your mind is being eco-conscious. I get it! But let me tell you, there are so many ways you can help out your planet without going out of your way or by spending a lot of extra money or even worse, slowing down what you already have in motion.

    The first green thing you can look into are the boxes your using. Did you know that cardboard fills up over half of our landfills? Try looking into rent re-useable moving boxes like Piggyboxes. Companies like ours exist all over the country! And when you can get the boxes for cheaper than cardboard and get them delivered, well you are on your way to an easier more eco-friendly move already!

    Another great tip: purge! Less stuff to move means less boxes and less for your movers to haul and less weight for them to carry. Often times, movers charge on weight so de-cluttering saves you money.You might even make some cash if you have a garage sell!

    Lastly, look into the moving company you’ve hired. Nowadays, moving companies are going green too! They are using biodiesel fuel which is much nicer to mother nature.


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  • Living life in Orange County!

    Posted on August 19, 2015 by Todd


    It’s no secret that we love living in Orange County. Considering Todd and I both grew up in the Inland Empire, OC’s sweeping views and cool temperatures make for a nice home. I could give you a thousand reasons why I love living in Orange County but I’ll just give you my top 5.

    1. The beaches. Nothing feels better then putting my toes in the sand with the ocean breeze blowing in my face. I mean, people travel here to go on vacation! It also makes it really convenient when Todd wants to go surfing. If you have never been, be sure to check out The Strand in Dana Point, Corona Del Mar and Balboa Island. When I pull my beach chair out on the sand and close my eyes, it feels like I’m on vacation!









    2. Orange County is dog friendly! There are so many restaurants, shopping areas and beaches that welcome your beloved pooch. We recently we to What A Dish in Dana Point and they brought Frankie his own bowl of fresh water and dog treats while we were eating. For us dog lovers, it doesn't get better than that! If your in OC and wanting a place to take your dog, check out the app called Bring Fido. It gives you all of the places where dogs are welcomed.

    3. Great shopping! Every store you could imagine is somewhere in Orange County. You have one of the biggest shopping meccas in Santa Ana called South Coast Plaza. There is Fashion Island in Newport Beach which is my personal favorite. Not only does every store allow your dog but you can see the ocean while your shopping! Also check out the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine. A fun, kid friendly place with a huge ferris wheel and great restaurants.


    4. It’s safe and well kept. Irvine has been voted one of the safest cities for years now. But it’s not only Irvine, many of the cites in Orange County are safe for your children and families and kept

    clean. People take pride to live here so they keep it nice. I guess that’s why there is a premium to live in Orange County.

    5. Lastly, the weather. When it’s 70 degrees all the time, who can complain? It rains maybe 10 days a year and breaks 75 a few days during the summer. Other than that, it’s sunshine all day long!
    Regardless if you’re a resident of OC or just visiting, there really is something special about Orange County.


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  • Why is moving so difficult?

    Posted on August 7, 2015 by Todd

    By Jamie Lohr

    We all know moving is one of lifes most stressful events. But what really makes it so hard? It’s important to understand what makes moving so difficult so you can make your move as easy as possible.

    Moving takes a lot of time. From deciding what materials you will need, organizing, choosing a reliable mover. Not to mention to purchase of your new home. The list goes on. Can you imagine doing all of this while your working a full time job or watching your children? One way to really cut down time is hire a reliable mover. Go to Yelp, Angie’s list or ask a friend for a reliable mover. Make sure you get all the fees up front so there are on surprises when they are done unpacking your belongings. Typically, free quotes are provided!

    Another way to save time is use Piggyboxes. Rather than going to Home Depot or Lowes for moving boxes or packing tape, we deliver our boxes directly to your door and then pick them up when you’re done. No need to find a friend or dumpster to relocate the boxes to. And no more packing tape!!
    We also have wardrobe boxes that can make moving your clothes a breeze!

    Children and pets:
    Moving can really cause stress upon your children and pets too. Adapting to a new home is no easy feat. Your children will need to find new friends and adapt to a new environment. If you know you are moving try to prepare your kids in advance and get them as excited for the move as you can. Making it something to look forward to not something that they are going to dread.

    For pets, make sure the backyard is properly fenced in before you let them go. Bring along all of their favorite toys and beds to they have something that isn't new. Often times, pets go into hiding. It will just take a few days for them to adapt. Time heals all wounds!

    Be organized:
    Make your move as organized as possible. If you know you have a lot of things you don’t need, donate them to a local non-profit organization. This will save you the time of having to move and unpack things you will never use. Make sure you label your moving boxes clearly so they can be unloaded in the correct room. Prepare in advance. Don’t wait last minute to hire a moving or start packing. Start doing this weeks in advance. Half of the stress people bring upon themselves is leaving things last minute.

    Moving is never going to be easy but with these little tips hopefully you can reduce the stress of your move!

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  • Starting Fresh - Moving Ideas

    Posted on March 27, 2014 by Todd

    Starting fresh – Moving ideas

    Moving is never easy, especially because it involves change at so many different levels. Usually when you know that you need to move, you start making a plan of the things that you want to keep, and the ones you want to leave behind. After all, it allows you to start fresh in a new place, where you can change the page and live a different life. Therefore, you will need to make a list with all your stuff, and then organizing the ones that you have to take with you.
    In order to be able to move without difficulties, you should follow certain unwritten rules, such as:

    Moving boxes. Among all the moving supplies that are available, moving boxes are a must have, and you need to get as many as possible, in order to pack all the things you have. We rent plastic moving boxes that make moving way easier then with the standard cardboard moving box. Check out our packages and pricing here!

    Other moving supplies. Except moving boxes, there are many more supplies that you need to take in consideration, such as bubble rolls, moving blankets, packing tape, glass and dish packs, and many other supplies.

    Packing glassware. The biggest challenge is know how to pack glassware without breaking them. You can use bubble wrap, or even cotton clothing. Another tip is to pack them vertically. In this way there are lower chances to break.

    Organize. As mentioned before, it is essential to know how to organize all your things. Therefore, it is recommended to make a list. In this way you will make sure that you didn’t forget anything.

    Pack ahead. If you want to make sure that you will not forget anything, and especially if you want to save more time, then you should seriously think about packing ahead. Therefore you will save more time, and you will be able to think about everything else that needs to be done.

    Labeling. After you have packed the moving boxes, it is essential to label them. In this way you will know for sure where your things are, and you will also know which are the boxes containing the glassware, or the ones containing the essential stuff.

    Improvise. Besides boxes, you may also use baskets, laundry bins, and suitcases. Make sure that you use anything that you can, trying to be eco-friendly.

    Moving can be exciting, especially if you don’t have to worry about the procedure, and therefore you can make some plans and enjoy the new life. Even if it may seem scary at the beginning, you certainly are curious about anything that will await you in the new place, wondering about the neighbors, and the city, if you want to move away from your old town. Once you have a moving strategy, all you need to acquire are a few moving supplies, and of course, the famous eco-friendly plastic moving box, PiggyBoxes!

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  • Moving Tips!

    Posted on March 26, 2014 by Todd

    Successful Tips in Moving To Your New House

    Having your own place gives you total privacy and complete freedom. Either you are planning to move to a new place or move with family, it is still great to own an apartment or house to live your life independently and freely.
    Apart from it, it further allows you of painting the walls with bright and surprising colors that complement the furniture in the living room and fit your comfort and style. It also gives you complete freedom in anything that you pursue like an activity or hobby. Nevertheless, moving from one place to another is as complicated and difficult as it could be. It may be exhausting from the place to move, to a house that meets your needs and to settling down in the new place.

    Are you interested in moving to the next city? Are you longing to live near to your own office? Do you also feel that it is the right time to live your life independently? If yes, then it is the right time for you to move.

    Below are some of the successful tips in moving to your new house:

    1. Being Positive About Moving
    Either you want to move and live your life away from your parents, it is important to make up your mind. There is no turning back in moving along with packing things. Make certain that all things are secured and made up.

    2. Requesting for Referrals from Family and Friends
    On newspapers or even in the internet, it may be possible to look for new homes to move to. However, it is still best to request for referrals from family and friends. They often make this thing a lot easier. Allow your friends to do this and get to know more about the area. Their opinions matter in moving or in renting or buying a house to live in.

    3. Getting to know the Neighborhood
    As you are serious in moving into the new city or state, it is best to know more about the neighborhood and other places. Be more aware of the regulations and laws in the city and then learn how they affect your own lifestyle.

    4. Hiring Helpers or Movers from a Reliable and Trustworthy Moving Company
    Hiring helpers or movers is necessary in the fast process of moving to your new house. The good news is that there is a reliable and trustworthy moving company that provides the services such as moving, moving boxes, moving supplies, unloading, packing, planning, loading, tracking, contingency planning, relocation planning, installation, re-assembly and a whole lot more. A moving company is ready to inform you about the many processes that are involved in moving.
    A moving company understands and takes initiative in meeting the moving needs of its clients. As for you, it caters the necessary requirements and communicates to effectively handle the process of moving.
    There may be one moving company to find that is credible for its safety records, liability insurance, licensing, customer satisfaction and service packages. By means of reading some reviews about a certain company, it helps and is worth of your time.

    5. Rent Moving Boxes and Supplies
    PiggyBoxes make your move easier by renting moving boxes and supplies. Instead of wasting time and money buying cardboard boxes, plastic rental boxes will make your move easier and eco-friendly. Before your next move make sure to check out our moving box rental packages!

    Overall, look for a moving company that is willing and determined to provide the best service in moving. There are plenty out there, don't settle for mediocre reviews!

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  • 3 Ways on To Have an Eco-friendly Christmas tree

    Posted on December 10, 2013 by Todd

    3 Ways on To Have an Eco-friendly Christmas tree
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    The spirit of Christmas is just around the corner! With the popularity of different social media, you probably have seen many homes with Christmas decorations already. But wait, while it is so inviting to put up your own Christmas tree like your friends, you might want to consider having an eco-friendly Holiday tree this year.

    Opposed to the traditional idea of having a fake Christmas tree is eco-friendly and not those we see and cut in the woods—getting a real one is in fact the most favourable to Mother Earth.

    Fake Christmas trees are commonly made of plastics and/or other harmful materials which could be harmful to your family’s health. Yes, these Christmas trees can be used again for next year and on another year to follow but once you disposed this tree it will remain on the landfill for years before it could hopefully vanish.

    This year, cross out the idea of putting up a plastic Christmas tree because there are 3 ways on how you could have an eco-friendly Christmas tree!

    1. Rent a living tree-You read it right! Nothing is impossible these days and if we could rent almost anything, then renting a tree for Christmas is also doable. There are nurseries who offer that kind of services. The process is simple—they will deliver your own tree for the Holidays in a pot. It is your responsibility to take care of it so it will live until the end of the Holiday season. After that, the tree will be collected and returned again to the nursery for next year’s use. The tree can be used for about six to seven years and then it will retire. It will be planted permanently on the ground and would serve its main purpose for the rest of its life.

    2. Opt for organic tree- If you could buy organic fruits and vegetables to local farms near you, then you could also purchase organic tree from them. These trees are grown by local farmers and are safe from pesticides and other chemicals. You have the option to either keep it planted on a pot or have it permanently planted on your own ground.

    3. Plant your own- As stated on number two, you can also plant and grow your own tree for the Holidays. You can have it planted on a pot for the purpose of having it inside your homes and then you can plant it on a larger pot for next Christmas.

    Be on Mother Nature’s nice list and look forward on your reward in the years to come!

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  • Making the Big Switch: From Harmful to Eco-friendly Products for Your Home

    Posted on December 6, 2013 by Todd

    Making the Big Switch: From Harmful to Eco-friendly Products for Your Home
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    Did you join any kind of spring cleaning campaign this year? This might be a bit late but then nothing can be too late or too early when it comes to cleaning your home, right? Aside from the traditional thorough cleaning of your home, spring is also the perfect time to start your “live a green lifestyle” goals. It may sound overwhelming but the truth is, this is just plain and simple.

    In keeping your goal of living a green lifestyle, the best place to start is at your home. If you would only try to look around and check out what you have been using all these times that could be a threat to our health and the environment, then you are in the right starting point.

    Listed below are products inside your home that could be switched to eco-friendly ones:

    Fabric refreshers- aerosol products are popularly made of chemicals that are both harmful to our health and the environment. Why risk you and your family with this kind of damaging items when you can use eco-friendly ones? Here’s what you could do on your carpets, rugs or upholstery when you do another spring cleaning: Get a baking soda and sprinkle it on them. Leave for about ten minutes. After that time frame, vacuum the powder and you could have fresh smelling upholstery. Wondering why use a baking soda? It is because this product is a natural odor neutralizer. With this you can rest assured that no allergic reactions could happen to any members of the family and won’t even hurt our environment.

    Dryer Sheets- most people use these all for the love of good scents and huggable cotton fabrics after washing. But what good could it bring when we you know that every time you use these sheets and throw them after each consumption, it only adds up to our landfill? Solution: Use dryers balls instead. These product are re-usable and have the same purpose like dryer sheets but in a most eco-friendly way.

    Incandescent Light Bulbs- this should be a no-no inside your home if you want to at least lessen your carbon footprint. There are more eco-friendly light bulbs in the market today that would not just save the Earth but would also cut an amount on your electric bill. Switch to CFL or LED lights now.

    Disposable Food Services- not because you wanted to do things fast and easy, you would think that it is best to go for disposable food services. Yes, it would save you time from doing the dishes but think about how will occupy the landfills. And worst, think about how long will it exist. Living a green lifestyle means going back to the basics as well. Use your ceramic plates and stainless cutlery. For all you know, doing the dishes could give you some time to relax and refresh your memory.

    There are a lot of ways that you could do if you really aim for a greener lifestyle. If you do not know where and how to start, be resourceful. Looking around you would see that you are in the perfect spot to start your goal and that is—inside your home.

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  • Eco-friendly Crafts for Thanksgiving

    Posted on December 3, 2013 by Todd

    Eco-friendly Crafts for Thanksgiving
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    Thanksgiving is fast approaching and most home makers these days are rushing in and out of their homes to complete their list of what to do on Thanksgiving. That includes food to prepare, activities for the whole family and even their Thanksgiving decorations.

    Since we are living in an advanced technology today, perhaps some of you would simply choose to dine out with your family or set up a video game marathon for the kids in order to celebrate Thanksgiving. And we could say that it is understandable.

    However, would it be better if we celebrate Thanksgiving with gratitude to our Mother Earth and not just for the material blessings we received?

    It is never too late to start a green living and on Thanksgiving, get your hands busy not on video games or driving through the town but on making eco-friendly crafts. We listed a couple of DIY green crafts for the kids and even the adults which they could do together as you prepare the dinner table.

    1. Create a Thanksgiving/Gratitude Box- You do not have to look further for the materials in creating this craft. You only need to browse through your cup boards and find a cereal box! Empty the box and use colourful art paper or even used glossy magazines. Wrap it on the box as if you are wrapping a gift. Cut a slit either on the sides or at the middle. Give each guest a small sheet of paper and ask them to write what they are thankful for this year. After dinner, gather around and read each notes.

    2. Create a tin can turkey- Turkey, as we all know is the star of the night during Thanksgiving. Clean empty tin cans and hand them out to the bigger kids. Using images from old magazines, let their creativity flourish. They could transform these pieces into cute pencil holder using the theme “Thankful Turkey”.

    3. Organize an outdoor adventure- Lead the kids into the backyard and allow them to look for anything they could find interesting. Perhaps a twig, colourful leaves, or stones. Gather them around. Each child has to describe or tell something about the object he/she picked. Through this activity they will start appreciating the things they normally see around their environment yet failed to appreciate.

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  • Perks of Running An Eco-friendly Busines

    Posted on October 21, 2013 by Todd

    Perks of Running An Eco-friendly Business
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    Venturing into any kind of business is not a piece of cake. There are many things you need to consider before finally diving into the swarm of small and big enterprises. Naturally, you need to be competent and persistent in achieving your goals to be successful. Intimidating as it may sound but if you really have the passion and knowledge to run a business, why not?

    Alright, here is a major tip on how you can get to the edge of competition even when you are just starting up. Make your business an eco-friendly one!

    We are living in the 20th century and people are now fully aware about how we should all care for Mother Earth. Gone are the days when green advocates get discriminated and bullied. Green living is the latest trend and people also incorporate these new lifestyles by patronizing and supporting green businesses. This is the major reason why you should join in the caravan!

    There are other perks in store for you once you run an eco-friendly business and they are the following:
    1. You and your business becomes "Green Icons"- Being labeled as such gives you a higher impact when it comes to your target market. Remember, consumers trust and support businesses with green advocacy these days. If you are a friend of Mother Earth and your business aims to lessen your environmental impact, rest assured that you are already at the edge of competition.

    2. Reduced Overhead Cost- eco-friendly businesses practice the three R's: Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. These are three economical and effective ways of saving Mother Earth and at the same time saves you from incurring expensive operational cost. Once you and your staff practice the acts of saving paper, energy, and time during business operations, you will see that being an eco-friendly business saves your finances as well.

    3. Increased life span of your business- as you reduced the environmental impact of your business it also becomes more sustainable unlike your competitors. Economic crisis such as climate change, oil shortage, and other mishaps could be their major problem but not yours since you already inclined your business to natural resources and methods.

    So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and venture into your own business but remember, make it eco-friendly as possible.

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  • Eco-warrior Dolls Invented for Little Girls

    Posted on October 15, 2013 by Todd

    Eco-warrior Dolls Invented for Little Girls
    By: Mylene Dela Cena

    Parents of this era are more aware about proper parenting and child care especially when it comes to the health and safety of their little ones. Naturally, when we talk about kids there is also one thing that could be associated with them, toys. These items are parents' number one armor in taming their kids and for them to have a little time for themselves while their children are busy playing.

    However these days, finding toys that are safe for the kids especially for the little ones are hard to find. It is still the parent's duty to scrutinize every toy's label and tags for safety precautions and other warnings regarding hazardous materials used in manufacturing them. This is mainly the reason how a local of Orange County, decided to come up with eco-friendly dolls that could be any little girl's best friend.

    You read it right! Only in OC could you see a manufacturing company of eco-friendly dolls that were conceptualized by a mother-daughter tandem. Laxmi and Hansini Wadhwani are the mother and daughter behind the brilliant eco-friendly idea of introducing environment-friendly dolls not only to the little girls but to the whole Orange County residents and neighboring cities as well.

    The beginning of their venture started when Hansini showed her mother a sketch of a woman with flowing blue hair and told her that she was Mother Earth. Laxmi, her mother, spent years of experience in the toy industry. As she felt overwhelmed to her daughter's passion in taking care of the environment, an idea sparked and the rest as they say is history.

    Today, Zeenie Dollz are gaining popularity among little girls. These dolls are made of non-toxic plastics and recyclable materials that are safe for the kids. Aside from that, the concept and mission of the company itself, which is to spread awareness on how we should all take care of our environment, are easily adopted by the little children.

    The easiest way to educate kids about becoming environment-friendly individuals is through the things they use the most, in this case, toys. Zeenie Dollz come in six different fashionable characters who aim to protect the Earth and call themselves eco-warriors. Visit Zeeni Dollz's website to find out more about their exceptional and green toys for your little girls.

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