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  • Tips for a greener move

    Posted on August 28, 2015 by Todd

    So, your moving. You’ve picked out your new place and you’re ready to go! You’ve picked the date the move is going to take place and you’ve hired movers. The last thing on your mind is being eco-conscious. I get it! But let me tell you, there are so many ways you can help out your planet without going out of your way or by spending a lot of extra money or even worse, slowing down what you already have in motion.

    The first green thing you can look into are the boxes your using. Did you know that cardboard fills up over half of our landfills? Try looking into rent re-useable moving boxes like Piggyboxes. Companies like ours exist all over the country! And when you can get the boxes for cheaper than cardboard and get them delivered, well you are on your way to an easier more eco-friendly move already!

    Another great tip: purge! Less stuff to move means less boxes and less for your movers to haul and less weight for them to carry. Often times, movers charge on weight so de-cluttering saves you money.You might even make some cash if you have a garage sell!

    Lastly, look into the moving company you’ve hired. Nowadays, moving companies are going green too! They are using biodiesel fuel which is much nicer to mother nature.


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  • Questions To Ask Moving Companies

    Posted on October 9, 2012 by Todd


    These days, hiring a moving company is easier than ever.  A simple search on the internet can give you tons of companies along with tons of reviews.  Once you narrow it down to a few companies, do a Google search on their name and see what comes up.  I wouldn't immediately give up on a company that has a few negative reviews, but take a few minutes to read the review and see if the company followed up.  You may get a good idea of how their business is run by reading comments from the owner. Once you've done that, give the companies a call...I always prefer to talk to them on the phone compared to a email.  You can ask many more questions and get more detailed answers.  Here are a few questions to ask:

    - How long have you been in business?  Experience is worth a few extra $'s in my opinion.

    - Are you licensed and insured?  It's not a bad idea to ask for proof of this.

    - What happens if you break something?  Hopefully this doesn't happen but its always a good idea to find out just in case.


    The biggest question people want to know is about price. In my experience most movers charge by the hour.  For a typical 2-3 bedroom home your looking anywhere from 2-6 hours (most companies have a 2 hour minimum anyways).  Most also charge double drive time.  This means that if it takes 20 minutes to get from your old home to your new home, they will add 40 minutes to the total time. This is very standard. Some questions to ask about price:

    - How much per hour?

    - Any extra fee's for large items, etc?

    - What supplies are included? This is an important question.  Most companies will want to use plastic wrap, tape, blankets, etc. but may not tell you they cost extra.  I suggest using them for TV's, furniture, etc. but make sure you know how much they cost.  I've been charged up to $40 for tape and plastic wrap, with nobody asking if I even wanted it.

    - How many movers are included? Most of the time you will get 2 guys, rarely 3 unless you pay extra.  For the average move I don't think its necessary to pay for a 3rd guy.


    Last thing I always recommend to people is to negotiate price.  Get bids from those few companies and use them against each other. Sometimes you can save a few bucks just by asking!


    Hopefully these tips helped.  Feel free to post any questions you have!



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