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Benefits of Moving your Office with Plastic Crates
Benefits of Moving your Office with Plastic Crates When moving your office, it’s important to store your office items securely and safely. That’s where plastic moving crates can help you. Plastic crates can be used to move office items like IT equipment, storage cupboard content, files and desk items. Our large crates come in the standard size (27"x17"x12") and are produced particularly for general and office moves. The attached lids can be firmly fastened with tamper evident safety seals, which are very important if you’re keeping valuable items or private files inside.

Plastic is among the most versatile items used for various purposes. It has literally changed the purpose of transportation, storage and display items. Before, cardboard boxes were used for transportation and storage purposes. However, due to various limitations, cardboard cannot be used often for transportation. Plastic crates offer a variety of beneficial features and thus, are widely used for different purposes.

Other benefits of plastic moving crates include:

  • Durable. Plastic moving crates have longer shelf life than wood and cardboard storage items. Thus, it’s more cost-effective compared to its wooden and paper counterparts.
  • Easy to transport. As it is lightweight, it can be transported quite easily. Aside from this, since it can be moved with ease, it also helps save fuel.
  • Anti-corrosive. Plastic is anti-corrosive, so it can be used to move metals and other items that tend to corrode. As plastic crates are anti-corrosive, it’s easier to clean even if it becomes damp.
  • Odorless. As such crates seldom retain dust particles and contaminants, it stays odorless and clean for a long period of time. Thus, it’s considered to be the best material to transport and store all kinds of materials like chemicals, IT equipment and more.
  • Lightweight. Plastic moving crates are lightweight and thus, can be used for transportation and shipping purposes. Containers and bottles can be transported with ease using these crates.
  • Easy to manufacture. These crates are also easy to manufacture since it needs less energy than the process of manufacturing paper.  Plastic crates are also known to be more durable and stronger than its wooden and paper counterparts and ability to hold more materials.
  • Easy to maintain and clean. These crates are quite easy to maintain and clean. Such crates also require less storage and labor costs compared to other kinds of materials, saving you money on your office move.
Plastic moving crates are the best way to move your office. They are more durable, easier to transport, and will save you time and a headache over building cardboard boxes. We rent plastic moving crates for office moves in Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire. Please contact us for a free custom quote.
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